Next Webinar: Using your own Website for a Phishing Simulation

Wow! In our eyes, our first webinar was an overwhelming success! That’s why we decided to carry out our next live demo already in May: “Use your own website for phishing scams.

Use your own website for a phishing scam - LUCY Webinar on May-17th 2017

Can your employees be puzzled by a website that looks exactly the same as your official web presence? Our experience has shown that the employees often click on alleged company websites, even if they have a disturbance. Appropriate training and phishing simulations can better deal with such threats and this can significantly increase the company’s security.

In our webinar you will experience live how to set up, implement, run and monitor a web based phishing campaign in LUCY, for training purposes. Meet the LUCY founder, Oliver Münchow, and learn how to:

  • Create a web based phishing scenario, using your own website as a template
  • Insert additional “layers” in the scenario, so that you can capture username and password
  • Configure and personalize the phishing mail messages
  • Start, run and monitor the campaign including the behaviour when a user is trapped. We show also how the data input is tracked and stored
  • Analyze the results of the phishing campaign
  • Oliver will answer to a selected Q&A at the end

In addition, we have a special offer for interested parties and owners of the community license, at the end of the webinar!  Register below!


Registration Form: Use your own website for phishing scams

Monday, 15th May 11.00 – 11.30 am EST (17:00 – 17:30 CEST)